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Origin Story

From the beginning…
WikiOrigins started cataloging paleoanthropological data over 10 years ago with the goal in mind that the world needs an easy to use tool; to catalog, curate and protect paleoanthropological information. We believe that no good data should go to waste with regards to our human ancestors.

This has always been a passion project. It's never been about starting a business.
In 2015 we came close to launching our first site, but life intervened and put the effort on pause for a few years. In the meantime we continued to collect, curate and refine the data sets as well as the data model and technology we are using to build Wiki Origins. By the end of 2020 we're ready to launch the first version to the public.

Why build WikiOrigins?

We've created and continue building Wiki Origins to help humanity answer the most important questions of all. 


What Are We?

What is our evoluationary story?
Which hominids are in our family tree?
What physical characteristics did we inherit from our ancestors?


Who Are We?

Which ancestors lived like us?
Did they think like us?
How were they different?
Did they have famililes?
How did our ancestoral cultures birth modern society?

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Where Are We From?

Where did our ancestors live?
Where did they migrate to and why did they leave their homes?
What were the best homes for our ancestors?
Did any two species of hominids live in the same place at the same time?

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Full access to the catalog and maps is coming in 2020.  
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